International Entrepreneurs May be Eligible for Parole Status under USCIS Proposes Rule 移民局提议规则 – 国际企业家可能有资格获得假释状态


In August 2016, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed an International Entrepreneur Rule, which would allow certain international entrepreneurs of startup companies to parole into the United States for a maximum of two (2) years so that they may start their businesses in the U.S. The rule is aimed at “creating jobs, attracting investment and generating revenue in the U.S.,” according to USCIS Director Rodríguez.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now has discretion in granting parole for international entrepreneurs. Eligible entrepreneurs of startup enterprises must meet the following conditions:

The entrepreneur may be eligible for an additional three years maximum stay after the initial period expires. For more information on USCIS and its programs, please visit



  1. 至少15%的显著股权,并有与其业务积极的核心作用;
  2. 成立于美国在过去三年内;有启动就证明业务快速增长和创造就业机会和大量的潜在证实,
    1. 接收来自某些合格的美国投资者成功的投资记录,建立资本(至少$ 345,000)的显著投资;
    2. 接收显著奖励或某些联邦,州或地方政府实体补助(至少$ 100,000);
    3. 或者部分满足一个或两个,除了启动实体的快速增长和创造就业的巨大潜力的其他可靠和令人信服的证据上述标准


Author: Maya King

Attorney Maya King helps individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complex United States immigration system.

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