STEM by Numbers: 42 Percent of All International Students, and Among Them, Mostly Asians

According to a new report released by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), more than 40 percent of all international students on F and M visas in the United States study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Among all of them, nearly 90 percent are from Asian countries. Within the United States, the state with the largest number of STEM international students is California.

Students with F-1 visas studying any STEM program is eligible to apply for a 24-month STEM OPT extension and Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

STEM programs

根据学生和交换访问者信息系统(SEVIS)发布的一份新报告,在美国,超过40%的F和M签证国际学生学习科学,技术,工程和数学(STEM)。 近90%来自亚洲国家. 拥有最多STEM国际学生的州是加利福尼亚州。

有F-1签证学习任何STEM计划的学生有资格申请24个月STEM OPT延期和就业授权文件(EAD)。

Author: Maya King

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