U visa Processing Time and Delays U签证处理时间和延迟

USCIS is seeing across the board delays. Several factors impact U non-immigrant visa processing times, including the statutory cap of 10,000 visas and an increase in the number of applications. Currently, USCIS is processing waitlist letters for U status submitted in June 2014. Comparing to 2009, USCIS Vermont Service Center received five times more U visa applications in 2015 (52,000 in 2015 versus 11,000 in 2009). USCIS is taking a “First In First Out” approach. VSC expects to approve for U applicants who filed their I-918 between May 2013 and February 2014.

Although  all U visa applications will continue to be filed at Vermont Service Center, Nebraska Service Center is processing U cases as well.

美国移民局现在经历整体的延误。 有很多因素影响U非移民签证的处理时间,包括10,000个签证的法定上限和每年申请数量的增加。 目前,美国移民局正在处理2014年6月提交的U签证申请。与2009年相比,美国移民局佛蒙特服务中心在2015年接受了5倍左右的U签证申请(2015年为52,000份,2009年为11,000份)。 USCIS采取“先进先出”的方法。 佛蒙特服务中心预计将批准在2013年5月至2014年2月期间提交I-918的U申请人。


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