USCIS Memo on Change of Gender Designation on Immigration Documents

On January 19, 2017, USCIS issued an memorandum clarifying the procedure regarding gender change requests on USCIS official documents.

The individual must present one of the following forms of evidence in support of the change in gender designation:

  • A court order granting change of sex or gender;
  • A government-issued document reflecting the requested gender designation, including an amended birth certificate, a passport, a driver’s license, etc.;
  • A letter from a licensed health care professional certifying that the requested gender designation is consistent with the individual’s gender identity;

USCIS may request additional evidence of the individual’s gender identity. Once approved, USCIS will issue an initial or amended document reflecting the changed gender designation. However, USCIS-issued documents are limited to indicating only female or male. Read the complete memo (17011937) here.

Author: Maya King

Attorney Maya King helps individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complex United States immigration system.

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