Pew Research Center – Foreign Graduates Are Staying in the U.S. for Employment

International students choose to study in the U.S. for many different reasons, and many choose to stay and work after they graduate from U.S. colleges and universities. The Pew Research Center analyzed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data and found that more and more high-skilled foreign graudates find jobs in the United States under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. The OPT program provides an important opportunity for foreign graduates to work in the U.S. for up to 12 months or 36 months, depending on their field.  Many students choose to take advantage of the OPT programs to utilize the skills they learned.

The Pew Research Center found that the federal government approved nearly 700,000 OPT applications between 2008 and 2014. Below are the interesting findings:

  • The annual number of OPT approvals rose from 28,497 in 2008 to 136,617 in 2014.
  • Many of those working in the U.S. under the OPT program go on to apply for H-1B visas to stay longer in the U.S.
  • Those with STEM majors had a higher employment rate (73%) than non-STEM majors (57%).
  • Foreign students from India and China accounted for more than half (57%) of all those who were approved for OPT.

To read the full report by Neil Ruiz: click here.

U visa Processing Time and Delays U签证处理时间和延迟

USCIS is seeing across the board delays. Several factors impact U non-immigrant visa processing times, including the statutory cap of 10,000 visas and an increase in the number of applications. Currently, USCIS is processing waitlist letters for U status submitted in June 2014. Comparing to 2009, USCIS Vermont Service Center received five times more U visa applications in 2015 (52,000 in 2015 versus 11,000 in 2009). USCIS is taking a “First In First Out” approach. VSC expects to approve for U applicants who filed their I-918 between May 2013 and February 2014.

Although  all U visa applications will continue to be filed at Vermont Service Center, Nebraska Service Center is processing U cases as well.

美国移民局现在经历整体的延误。 有很多因素影响U非移民签证的处理时间,包括10,000个签证的法定上限和每年申请数量的增加。 目前,美国移民局正在处理2014年6月提交的U签证申请。与2009年相比,美国移民局佛蒙特服务中心在2015年接受了5倍左右的U签证申请(2015年为52,000份,2009年为11,000份)。 USCIS采取“先进先出”的方法。 佛蒙特服务中心预计将批准在2013年5月至2014年2月期间提交I-918的U申请人。


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