Fiscal Year 2017 – Options for Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI Program) Applicants, Enlistees, and Service Members in Delayed Entry Program (DEP)

Options for Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI Program) enlistees in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) – whose entry has now been delayed or cancelled – have two potential options: (1) Deferred Action and/or (2) Naturalization.

  • You should file for Deferred Action even if you have other immigration options pending. New protocol requires each MAVNI enlistee have his or her immigration status checked before basic training. People who have fallen out of immigration status or authorized stay will not be permitted to basic training. In other words, the enlistees need to maintain lawful/authorized status or Deferred Action to save their MAVNI seat. If you are eligible for naturalization, please also consider applying for Deferred Action because of the lengthy delays in naturalization screening and security clearance.
  • In addition, under military naturalization of INA § 329, MAVNI enlistees already serving honorably on active duty, Selected Reserve of the ready reserve, including any drilling Army Reserve MAVNI enlistee whose ship date to BCT is delayed or cancelled, are eligible to naturalize. In other words, one day of service in the Selected Reserve makes a foreign national eligible to naturalize. Further information about the filing process for military naturalization is available through the USCIS web page.

Call 913-717-7112 today to find out about your options as an MAVNI enlistee. Our office has successfully helped many MAVNI enlistees obtain the necessary naturalization paperwork. If your BCT is delayed, you may still qualify to become a U.S. citizen.