What Happens Next if Your Student or Work Visa is Revoked? 如果您的学生或工作签证被撤销,接下来会发生什么?

Visa revocation can have serious consequences. The U.S. State Department confirmed that Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) Volume 9 now provides the authority to revoke visas based on driving under the influence (DUI) arrests. U.S. consular abroad can revoke a visa when the foreign visa holder is in the United States. Revocation carries grave consequences as it can disrupt the foreign individual’s work, school, and cause distress.

However, despite revocation, foreign individual remains in lawful status throughout the end of admission date. School or employer should not conclude that the person is out of status and thus subject to termination. However, foreign traveling is not advised.

撤销签证可能会产生严重的后果。 美国国务院证实,“外交事务手册”第9卷现在提供了撤销基于受影响下驾驶(DUI)逮捕的签证的权力。 美国境外签证持有人在美国时,美国领事馆可以撤销签证。 撤销签证会影响到工作,学习,并造成极大压力。

我们办公室的意见是,尽管签证被撤销,外国人在签证日期结束前仍然处于合法身份。 学校或雇主不应得出错误结论认为该人员身份实效,因此裁员活着拒发I20表。 但是,被撤销签证的外国人不应当出国旅行。