How To: Temporary Residents in the United States applying for a Kansas Driver’s License

In July 2011, Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) began utilizing the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service’s “Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement System” (SAVE), to determine the status of temporary residents in the United States when such applicants apply for a Driver’s License.

If you are a temporary resident to the United States, follow these instructions for obtaining a SAVE Verification when applying for a Kansas Driver’s License:

  1. Visit a Full Service Driver’s License Exam Station. A list of all locations can be found at
  2. At the Exam Station, you must present all original government issued documents that pertain to your immigration status, including the following:Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.42.58 PM
  3. The Driver’s License Examiner will use your documents to verify your immigration status with SAVE. If your immigration status is verified, the process to obtain a Kansas Driver’s License will continue.
  4. If your immigration status is NOT verified, you will be required to fill out a SAVE Verification – Request Form (download here: save verification request form) and provide copies of all documents used for the initial verification to the Driver’s License Examiner via USPS mail to Division of Vehicles, SAVE Coordinator, PO Box 2188, Topeka, KS 66601-2188 or via e-mail: LAWFUL.PRESENCE@KDOR.KS.GOV
  5. The Driver’s License Examiner will send all of your documents to the home office where additional verification will be administered by the SAVE Coordinator.
  6. After additional verification is received, you will be notified via mail, email or phone as to your immigration status.



国土安全部秘书约翰·凯利本周发布了两份备忘录,执行川普总统关于边境安全 border security (memo-1) 和 境内执法 interior enforcement (memo-2) 的行政命令。除了川普总统承诺建造的边界墙以外,我们在未来几个月可能会看到大规模的执法行为,并扩大拘留和加速递解出境的过程。


  1. 国土安全部(DHS)将试图驱逐任何“对公共安全或国家安全构成威胁”的人,但DHS没有明确定义这两个术语,理论上讲,DHS可以说某人是“公共安全隐患”,即使他或者他没有因犯罪被起诉或被定罪。
  2. DHS将重点关注那些(1)已被定罪或甚至被指控犯有刑事犯罪,这其中可能包括只受到过轻微交通违规的无证移民,(2)滥用任何与接受公共福利相关的计划,包括获得任何政府援助,如果你在美国没有身份但享受过政府福利,你可能面临一定风险,(3)如果你在和政府机构打交道有任何的欺诈或故意的失实陈述,包括使用虚假的社安号码在工作的I-9表格上对你的移民身份撒谎。
  3. 国土安全部备忘录还说,将延长加速遣返期限。从2周扩大到2年,并取消了移民在边境100英里内被捕的要求。现在来说, 如果你是新到美国两年以内,都有可能加速遣返。加速遣返的人不会通过遣返程序,涉及在移民法官面前举行听证会。所以说,我建议大家保持两(2)年的在美国生活的记录,以便您不被加速遣返。
  4. 对没有美国签证或没有资格获得签证的人来说, 之前当局允许使用的假释过程将受到极大的限制。
  5. 国土安全部将寻求遣返所有无证外国到达者,包括无人陪伴的儿童。如果他们从毗邻美国的外国土地进入,当局会把他们送回他们来到的地方。这意味着,不论他们的国籍,如果他们从墨西哥进入,DHS将返回他们到墨西哥。
  6. DHS将雇用另外10,000名移民执法官员。我们很可能在全国看到更多的驱逐出境和拘留。
  7. DHS希望扩大继续并增加州和地方执法机构在边境地区的参与,从而帮助移民执法

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DHS Memos Bring Huge Changes to the U.S. Immigration System

Department of Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, releases two memorandums this week implementing President’s Trump’s executive orders on border security (memo-1) and interior enforcement (memo-2). Besides the border wall President Trump promised to build, we will likely to see massive enforcement effort in the upcoming months and scaled up detention and expedited removal.

Below are some of points I summarized:

  1. DHS seeks to deport anyone who “poses a risk to public safety or national security.” However, DHS did not define these two terms clearly. Theoretically speaking, DHS could label someone being “a risk to public safety” even if (s)he is not charged or convicted for a crime.
  2. DHS will focus on undocumented immigrants who have been (1) convicted or even charged with a criminal offense, including minor traffic infractions, (2) abused any program related to receipt of public benefits, i.e. received any government assistance, or (3) “have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter before a governmental agency”, including using fake Social Security numbers to work or lie on I-9 forms.
  3. DHS memos expanded the period of expedited removal from 2 weeks to 2 years after people enter the country, and eliminated the requirement that the immigrants be caught within 100 miles of the border. People in expedited removal will not go through the removal proceedings, which involve a hearing before an immigration judge. It is extremely important to keep records of two (2) year presence so you are not put in expedited removal.
  4. The use of parole authority to allow immigrants, who are not in possession of visas or not eligible for visas, to come to the U.S. will be extremely restricted.
  5. DHS seeks to return aliens, including unaccompanied children, who entered from a foreign land contiguous to the U.S. to where they arrived, meaning if they entered from Mexico, DHS will return them to Mexico, regardless of their nationality.
  6. DHS will hire an additional 10,000 ICE agents and officers to carry out enforcement priorities. We will likely to see more deportation and detention nationwide.
  7. DHS wants expand to continue and increase state and local law enforcement involvement in border areas, so they can aid in immigration enforcement.

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