USCIS Updates Guidances and Policies for Benefits Applications

Be careful petitioners and applicants, your application for immigration benefits may be denied if you do not have all evidence to prove you are eligible. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) issued a new memo, to give its officers the right to deny visas if applications do not include all the necessary information when submitted.

CIS officers no longer need to first seeking additional evidence that might be needed to complete an application, or issuing a notice stating the intent to deny a request to adjudicate.

USCIS announced recently that it would also begin initiating removal/deportation proceedings against visa applicants who lack immigration status when their visa applications are denied.  For example, if you are are out of status when you applied for change of status, therefore, you are ineligible to change status, CIS will deny your application and start removal proceedings. Or you may be a F-1 student applying for the H-1b lottery, but due to all sorts of administrative delays, your H-1b is not adjudicate until your F-1 expired, and then unfortunately it gets denied and you are out of status. CIS can also place you in removal proceedings.

Despite CIS saying the new memos are “not intended to penalize filers for innocent mistakes or misunderstandings of evidentiary requirements,” it certainly feels that way. Immigration enforcement has always been the realm of ICE, not CIS. USCIS adjudications are often inconsistent and often arbitrary. Applicants have the choices to appeal CIS decision or to seek review, and such options will be lost.

Signature Required: If Your Green Card, EAD, or Travel Document is Being Delivered

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced it will begin using U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery service to mail Green Cards and other secure documents beginning April 30, 2018. In order to track delivery of your Green Card, Employment Authorization Document (EAD), and Travel Document, you have to sign up for USCIS’ online case management:

Applicants must present identification to sign for their documents upon delivery. Applicants can sign up for USPS Informed Delivery to receive delivery status notifications. Applicants will also have the option to arrange for pickup at a post office at a convenient date and time by going to the USPS website and selecting “hold for pickup.”

自从2018年4月30日起,美国公民和移民服务局(USCIS)宣布将开始使用美国邮政服务局(USPS)签名确认限制送达服务邮寄绿卡和其他安全文件。为了跟踪您的绿卡, 工卡(EAD)和旅行证件的递送情况,您必须注册USCIS的在线案例管理:

申请人必须出示身份证明以在交付时签署文件。 申请人可以注册 USPS 交付以接收送达状态通知。 申请人还可以选择在方便的日期和时间在邮局安排取件,方法是前往USPS网站并选择 “hold for pickup”。

DNA Testing Rules in Sibling Immigration Petition Cases

USCIS may suggest and accept DNA tests s evidence of a full-or half-sibling relationship

USCIS has updated its policy regarding direct sibling-to-sibling DNA testing. If USCIS determined primary evidence is unavailable or unreliable, USCIS may suggest and accept DNA test results from an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited lab as evidence of a full-or half-sibling relationship. In these cases, USCIS will consider DNA along with all evidence on record to determine if the requisite relationship exists.

A sibling relationship requires that the petitioner and beneficiary are, or once were, the children of at least one common parent. Primary evidence includes birth and marriage certificates. Secondary evidence includes medical records, school records, and religious documents. Affidavits sworn to by persons who were living at the time of and who have personal knowledge of the event to which they attest may also be accepted if certain conditions are met.

USCIS will consider results of DNA testing conducted by an AABB-accredited lab that reflect a 90 percent probability or higher that a full- or half-sibling relationship exists as probative evidence of the claimed relationship. Due to the variations within half-sibling relationship test results, any result for a half sibling below 90 percent will be deemed inconclusive. Where a result is inconclusive, an officer must continue to evaluate the remaining evidence in the totality of the circumstances. To the extent possible, DNA testing against the common parent(s) is encouraged.


美国移民局已更新其关于兄弟姐妹DNA测试的政策。 如果USCIS确定主要证据不可用或不可靠,USCIS可能会建议并接受AABB认可的实验室的DNA测试结果作为兄弟姐妹关系的证据。 在这些情况下,移民局将考虑DNA以及所有记录在案的证据,以确定申请人于受益人是否存在真实的兄弟姐妹关系。

兄弟姐妹关系的请愿者和受益人至少需要有一个共同父母。 主要证据包括出生和结婚证书。 次要证据包括医疗记录,学校记录和宗教文件。 亲戚朋友邻居也可以写信证明他们兄弟姐妹关系的了解程度。

美国移民局将考虑由AABB认证实验室进行的DNA测试结果,该结果必须反映90%或更高的兄弟姐妹关系概率,作为所声称关系的证明证据。由于半同胞关系测试结果的差异,任何半兄弟姐妹低于90%的结果都将被视为不确定证据。 如果结果不确定,美国移民局官员必须继续评估所有的剩余证据。在可能的范围内,移民局鼓励对共同父母进行DNA测试。

MAVNI Soldiers’ Naturalization Picking Up Speed

In the past few weeks, we have seen naturalization interviews being scheduled on short notices at local USCIS offices and if the applicant passes the interview, he or she will be sworn in as an U.S. citizen right away.

If you are a MAVNI soldier waiting for BCT or background checks, and has not yet applied for naturalization. Please do not hesitate to contact an experienced immigration attorney to file your naturalization application,  or alternatively contact The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Military Assistant Program.




加利福尼亚州,内布拉斯加州,德克萨斯州和佛蒙特州服务中心的最新处理时间报告(表示2017年10月31日的处理时间)显示大于五个月的工卡申请的处理时间。 除了基于待决庇护的工卡申请,所有其他类型的工卡现在都非常的慢。





白宫2月25号发表的新框架呼吁国会对合法移民实施严厉的限制。这项新计划将使合法移民的数量减少44% – 即每年50万移民。如果这项政策实施,这将是20世纪20年代以来最大的移民改革。与现行法律相比,白宫的计划将在今后五十年减少近二千二百万人的合法移民。

总统的新计划集中于两个主要内容。 首先,它将立即结束移民绿卡多样性签证抽签,在完全取消5.5万个签证,将其重新分配给目前由家庭和雇主申请绿卡的积压案件。 其次,它将结束大多数由家庭支持的签证类别。这意味着合法移民的数量将会下降。

中国人不是移民绿卡多样性签证抽签的国家之一,所以这个的影响不大,但是香港,澳门人就会吃亏了。DAVID BIER 计算了一下,白宫的政策会减少44%的合法移民。目前来说的移民总数大约为110万,川普的移民政策会减少移民数量到61.6万。参考原文


在这其中将消减17万美国公民的父母,2.2万公民的未婚子女,2.6万绿卡持有人的已婚子女,2.7万公民的已婚子女,6.7万公民的兄弟姐妹, 9.4万绿卡的未成年小孩以及配偶。另外庇护者的数量将减半(从原来的3.7万减少到1.8万)。另外来说,公民小孩的年龄将从21绥降低到18岁,所以将会减少一批公民子女。由于主要受益人的数量大减过后,附带亲属将同时减退。比说在你是公民,你在申请国内的亲姐姐的时候, 姐姐的丈夫以及姐姐的未成年小孩都可以附带,但是如果姐姐的名额被取消, 姐姐来不了了,姐姐的所有附带亲属的移民梦都泡汤。

如果按照川普所想的,将55000张多样性签证彩票中的一半添加到已消除的家庭赞助类别的配额中,每年将有165,566张绿卡发放给正在等排期的人。 也就是说,从现在起24年后,绿卡积压问题会被处理。


移民执法力度加强 – 移民局将在联邦, 州, 和地方法院实行逮捕


美国移民和海关执法 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 2018年1月10号公布其最新政策 – 将在各地法院内进行移民执法。参考原文 18013140


  • 具有刑事定罪的人;
  • 黑帮成员;
  • 对国家安全或公共安全造成威胁的人;
  • 有递解令在身在身但未离境的人;以及
  • 在被递解移除后,没有经过允许而重返美国的人


移民执法官员在奥巴马政府的时候就有在法院拿人,但是在川普的领导下,目前的逮捕率猛增了40%,而且其打击人群打击人群也更加广泛。有些法官放话不允许执法官员入内 – “法院不应该是移民局执法的诱饵。我们必须保护我们州法院司法系统的完整性,并保护使用它的人。” 有些人觉得这样的政策会造成负面影响,使得很多的外国人害怕碰到移民执法官员不从而敢走法院渠道来维护自己的权利。